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Meet the Ranco Architectural Team

Integrity at Every Angle

The Ranco team works effectively and efficiently to benefit every project. We work as a team! Our staff is equipped with the knowledge to fulfill every task with advanced individual attributes that highlight a particular skill.
We deliver excellent customer service and architectural product representation in the marketplace. Ranco territory includes Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and West Virgina.

Ranco Team

Randy Dornburgh

President / Estimator / Project Manager

Randy Dornburgh started in the glass industry in 1989. Randy Dornburgh founded Ranco Architectural in 2002.

Ranco Team

Nathan Dornburgh

Vice President / Estimator / Project Manager

Ranco Team

Andrew Wyatt

Draftsman / Estimator / Project Manager

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Dave Sorg

Estimator / Project Manager

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Brian Carter

Ranco Team

Sean Delaney

Sales Representative

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Valerie Jones

Business Development and Sales

Ranco Architectural offers a scope of services to fullfull each project.
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Ranco Architectural offers installation services to fulfill each project.
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Customer Service, Integrity and Desire to be number one in our industry.
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architectural development, design assistance, division 7, 8, and 10




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